Sander BrouwersI am Sander Brouwers, a 23 year old Graphics and Engine programmer from The Netherlands. Besides that I also like to gather, process and analyze gameplay statistics.


Plugin programmer
Analytics programmer
Team size1
Used software
Project durationSeptember 2018 - Present

A flexible gameplay analytics plugin for Unreal Engine 4. Provides easy flexible and powerful data capturing and processing.
Project website

The Survivors

Gameplay programmer
Analytics programmer
System design
Team size±40
Used software
Project durationSeptember 2017 - September 2018

During development of The Survivors I worked on the character movement, made dynamically scalable spawn management, implemented the character animations and worked on several other small game systems. I also integrated my analytics plugin (FleXAlytics) into this project to provide us with gameplay information.
Game website

The Key Tax

Gameplay programmer
Analytics programmer
Team size16
Used software
Project durationMay 2017 - July 2017

The Key Tax is a humorous First-Person puzzle game that satires on the non-sense of everyday bureaucracy.
Set in a late 1960's office environment, the game offers a seamless narrative experience of which absurdity and surrealist humor are its strong points.
Dutch Game Awards submission

Tremble Engine

Graphics programmer
UI programmer
Team size6
Used software
Project duration​February 2017 - April 2017

A study only engine project in which I created a user interface rendering pipeline, a particle system and shadow mapping (With PCF and SMSR). This thaught me about the general architecture of a user interface, how compute shaders work and how depth mapping works for shadows (including cube maps for point lights).